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Practical Nursing

New Practical Nursing courses begin September 18, 2023

16 months or 24 months

Practical Nursing applications are closed for the upcoming cohort. Please check our website for updated information regarding the opening of the next application. Thank you for choosing Infinity College.

16 months or 24 months



Total Clock Hours: 1692


*certification exam fee not included in tuition cost*

Application and Accuplacer deadlines

• Introduction to Microbiology

• Nursing Fundamentals Clinical

• Nutrition and Diet Therapy

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Geriatrics

• Geriatric Clinical

• Pharmacology I

• Med-Surgical Nursing I

• Med-Surgical Nursing Clinical I

• Pharmacology II

• IV Therapy

• Mental Health

• Medical Terminology and Abbreviations

• Mental Health Clinical

• Med-Surgical Nursing II

• Med-Surgical Nursing Clinical II

• Med-Surgical Nursing III

• Med-Surgical Nursing Clinical III

• Maternal Nursing

• Maternal Nursing Clinical

• Pediatric Nursing

• Pediatric Nursing Clinical

• Career Development

• NCLEX-PN Review

• Nursing Fundamental

• Nutrition and Diet Therapy

PN Cohort 8 Timeline Application Deadline:5/9/22
Accuplacer Deadline: 6/10/22 for all applications submitted by 5/6
  • Daytime Program anticipated start date of September 1, 2023
  • ACCUPLACER testing must be completed BEFORE the APPLICATION can be submitted
    1. ACCUPLACER deadline: February 3, 2023, scores can’t be more than 2 years old
    2. Application deadline: March 3, 2023
  • All ACCUPLACER scheduling and applications should be completed online through the Infinity College website. The scheduling fee is nonrefundable.
New Practical Nursing courses begin September 18, 2023